4th-5th Grade, December 8th

Students should have brought a rock of their own. Have them get it out so they can look at it during the video. Remind them to watch quietly, though. If they want to talk, pause the video and let them talk about it, making connections to the rocks they brought. After the video, pass out the “I Found a Rock” page, a magnifying glass, and a ruler to each student. They should describe their rock by color, texture, luster, and size and draw their rocks. If there is time at the end, they can compare and contrast their rocks with each other. Collect pages and have students put rocks away.

2nd-5th Grade

Guest Teacher notes:

Materials– blank paper for each student, basket of animal cards that are grouped in 3 with ring holders, and this video.

This is something students can do over and over. You can ask them if they have done this activity before and make sure they get a new set of cards if they did it before. This can be for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades.

Please collect the pages at the end of class and check that all students have their names on the papers!

Thanks, Ms. Gallagher

Kindergarten and 1st Grade

Guest teacher notes:

Materials– Each student will need a blank piece of paper. They should already have pencils and crayons at their tables.

Students can take home or you can collect if they want me to see it. Thanks!