In quarter 2, students will take what they learned in the beginning of the year about materials and their properties to continue learning about matter. Matter is anything that has mass and takes up space! Students will learn how matter can change. At the end of quarter 1, students saw popsicles turn from a solid into a liquid. At the beginning of this quarter, students will turn liquid ingredients into frozen ice cream! We will also learn how heat can change matter. Students will learn about physical and chemical changes and how some things are reversible and other changes are not.

We did many experiments that showed physical and chemical changes. Students learned what the difference is and made a graphic organizer.

We read the book Pancakes Pancakes by Eric Carle and then WE made pancakes! Students got to see the bubbles, smell the food cooking, and see the color change, which means that making pancakes is a chemical change!

We are now starting to learn about the Sun and how all living things on Earth rely on it for survival.