Simulation Games

What happens to the ground as plates collide, move apart, or slide? First, build an animal cell and a plant cell.
Then, create a Venn Diagram illustrating the parts in each kind of cell.
Thanks Kasen, for finding this cool bridge building game! Build a bridge across a canyon within the allocated budget. Learn physics and have fun!
Travel the most dangerous, yet rewarding trail in American history. Will you survive? Can you do better than the real colonists of Jamestown?
Learn about the body systems of a frog by doing a virtual disection! SimCity 1989 version! You are the mayor
of a town. Can you turn it into a metropolis?
Add industrial, commercial, and residential zones. How high will your taxes be?
What will you do in the face of disaster? As your city grows, so do its needs.
You are the director of Supercity. You have 10 years to make a city full of housing, jobs,
utilities, and amentities for as large of a population as possible.
SimCity 2000. Keep track of your
money as you build the roads, buildings, and even zoos!
What kind of power plants will you build?
Try Engineering! Be a problem solver and try out this cool engineering game!