Science Websites

Login and watch videos on earth science, physical science,
life science, and more!
Science and math games and activities that promote
critical thinking. You can do virtual knee surgery,
design a cell phone, and be a weather reporter.
Science Fair Resource Play a magnet simulation game!
Found by Anna, you will learn a lot about molecules,
atoms, polymers, and DNA and have fun too!
Join elements together and find out what happens!
Props to Dylan for finding this amazing site!
Try out this rock simulation that lets you try out
which rocks float, are permeable,
wear well, and can be split.
Thanks Aiden, for finding this great resource!
Kinetic City
Science experiments, challenges, and science activities!
Brain Genie
Learn, practice, and quiz yourself on over 5,000 skills.
If the moon were 1 pixel.
Explore a scaled model of the Solar System. Great for grasping the size of space.
Journey to the centre of the Earth!