Reading Websites

This is for students just learning to read.
Create a monster and teach it letters and
how to read words!
Look in your nametag for username and password.
This is for kindergarten students.
Read books, listen to songs, trace letters,
and many more fun reading games!
Games for kindergarten to 5th graders.
For reading games, pick a game in the
orange "letters" section.
Games for kindergarten and 1st graders.
You can learn letters, read books,
and play letter and sound games.
Take an AR test or a star test.
This is Imagine East Mesa's link.
How many AR points is your book worth? What level is it?
Or do you need a book and want to find one based on your interests?
Story Bots
Educational books, videos, games,
and classroom activities!
Calculate how long it will take you to read a book.
Improve your vocabulary and help end world hunger. Ask your teacher for your code and get reading!
Practice your spelling words.
You can play games and take a practice test.
Vocabulary site.
Newsela builds reading comprehension
through current event articles
scaled at different reading comprehension levels.
ReadWorks provides research-based units, lessons,
and leveled non-fiction for free.
It's aligned to the Common Core.
Check out the Article-A-Day!
Have some ideas? Need a place
to brainstorm? Use this site to make
a printable and savable mind map!
Story Cube creator.
Pick your grade level.
You need to scroll down to find the English games.
Reading Bear!
Brain Pop ESL
Ask your teacher for the username and password.
Brain Pop Jr.
Ask your teacher for the username and password.
ESL games has spelling games, memory games,
interactive board games, and so much more!
Scholastic has a lot of fun games based on popular books.
Lots of games for each topic. Tween Tribune
Current event articles written for students reading at different levels
and covering many topics.
Common Lit
Articles on a wide variety of subjects and topics at multiple reading levels.
Teachers can assign articles and assessments.
News articles for students, along with videos and critical thinking prompts.
PBS Kids!