Junior Achievement Websites

Income Unit

Sales Tax Game. Can you find the right amount
of money that you owe for sales tax?
Answer the tax questions correctly and get 3 X's or O's in a row.
This is a great 2 player game!
Occupational Outlook Handbook
Find information on hundreds of careers.
There are a lot of new vocabulary words in this income unit.
Learn, study, practice, and play games with these words on Quizlet!

Saving, Investing, and Risk Management Unit

Play Insure is a car and home insurance
game where you pick what coverage you'll get and then see how long you can last
before going into debt.
Money Metropolis! Choose what you want to save for. Make money and try to reach your goal.
Every choice you make brings you closer
to a more or less comfortable retirement.
How much money will you end up retiring with?
Learn, study, practice, and play games with the vocabulary from this unit.

Debit and Credit Unit

Which credit card should you get?
How much should you pay off each month?
How long will it take you to pay it off?
Up My Score is a Who Wants to be a Millionaire type game.
How far can you get?
Hit the Road is a game where you make financial decisions. Be a money manager for a celebrity.
Use her money wisely to advance up the carrer ladder.
Battle your way to the perfect credit score!

Budget Unit

Financial Football
Answer the questions correctly and your team will win big!
Financial Soccer
Test your knowledge on finances.
In Moneyville you can play Get Real or Lemonade Stand. Spent
Imagine you are one of the 14 million Americans who are unemployed. Can you make it through the month with only $1,000?"
You Are Here game
Learn about advertising, protecting your info, how to spot scams
and other consumer concepts in this virtual mall