Teacher Websites

ClassDojo is a tool for positive feedback.
It keeps track of everything and it's very easy to share with parents.
A site made by teachers, for teachers, with hands-on science lessons and activities. K-5
Free brain breaks that help channel energy, get your kids ready to test, and help students focus! Wonderopolis
Ask questions about what you are wondering about.
Read or listen to articles about something worth wondering about.
Click on the Wonder Jar to start a great discussion or writing prompt.
Quizizz is a fun way to assess student learning!
Make a quiz and have students take it in the computer lab,
on tablets, or Chromebooks. Have students sign in
with their name and get a spreadsheet on how each did after the quiz.
Quizlet is a way to help students study vocabulary.
Printable books, lessons, assessments for elementary teachers.
You will need a login to access the resources.
Animated books, songs, games, lessons and posters that help children
enjoy inner peace and communicate more effectively.
This video shows the correct formation of all
lowercase letters to help students write the letters correctly.
Printable worksheets for all levels and subjects. Some are free.
For full access you have to become a paid member.
STEAM Literacy
Bring Engineering into your class. Lessons that go with picture books.