Programming Games and Coding Resources

Kindergarten and 1st grade:
Botlogic is an educational puzzle game that challenges kids and adults
to tackle complex logic problems
while teaching valuable programming concepts.
Intro to drag and drop programming games.
Some reading required.
2nd grade and up:
Create an account and learn how to program.
Program your own interactive stories, games, and animations.
2nd grade and up:
Learn Javascript in a fun and easy way!
For teens and adults,
learn Javascript. Still fun and easy!
Middle school:
Codecademy is a great site to learn almost any programming language,
including HTML and CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, and Ruby.
Middle School:
Khan Academy has an extensive library of content,
including interactive challenges, assessments, and videos.
Learn how to use JavaScript to create fun drawings
and animations and even make your own games
2nd grade and up:
Code with Elsa and Anna!
You will get a certificate after you finish your hour of code!
Middle School:
This is a real-time HTML editor. Type your code in the top
and see what it will look like on a website on the bottom!
All grades:
Join us for an hour of code, any time between December 4th-8th.
Tutorials and tag references for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, and more!
Are you stuck on your code? This is the place to go.
Code Combat
Program the hero through the puzzle to collect all the gems!
Ask Ms. Gallagher for a class code.
Show off your JavaScript and Python skills in this challenging game!
Code School.
Pick a language and do an online course.
Compute It is a game where you are the computer.
Can you follow the code correctly?